I can't to my Starbound server / my Starbound server it out of date

If you're having issues connecting to your server, go down to our section on reinstalling your Starbound VPS.

If you're getting an issue such as "Join failed! Server is running an older version", you'll need to reboot (reinstall) your VPS as outlined in our guide below.

Updating your server

First visit http://vps.servercrate.com. Use the details sent to you in your product email to login to the control panel.


You're then going to click "manage"


Several control options for your Starbound VPS should appear. Click on "reboot" to update your server, that's all there is to it. Your server will only reinstall if your server version is out of date, and we've got a stable build pushed out. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the update process to take effect, after it's updated you will be able to play. After you've confirmed that your server has been updated, and that your server is functional and that you can connect to it, we recommend that you reboot your server again to clear out any potential memory issues.

I've rebooted the server, waited 5 minutes, and my server still isn't updated to the latest version

If Starbound was just updated, we may not support the most recent patch. If this is the case, monitor our Twitter account for updates regarding the update, feel free to tweet @ServerCrate with a request for us to update the Starbound software.

Reinstalling your server

If you've rebooted the VPS, and you've waited 5-10 minutes for the server to come back up, and you're getting a message in Starbound that means you can't connect to the server at all, you'll need to reinstall the VPS, as something about your Starbound server has malfunctioned. You can also follow this section of our guide if you just want to wipe your server clean.


Go to the manage area of our control panel that you were at previously, and click reinstall.

Starbound VPS template

You're then going to select the "Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit (Starbound)" option, and click "reinstall" at the bottom. Please allow 5 minutes for the reinstall process to take place, but after this, you'll be updated to the latest Starbound version that we have on file, with a fresh clean server.

If you're still having issues after following our guide, please open a support ticket: https://billing.servercrate.com/submitticket.php

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