Adding a new /48 IPv6 subnet to your VPS


This guide is the simple way to add your new IPv6 subnet to your VPS. Please note this will not work for all VMs and some users may need to open a support ticket for our help

Step 1:

You should see a banner in SolusVM on your VM page saying "A new IPv6 subnet is waiting for you", should you not see this please do not go further and contact support. Click Claim Now

Step 2:

You will be greeted with a popup explaining that a new replacement IPv6 subnet is available. Click Yes to continue

Step 3:

You will be shown a success popup to say the new IPv6 subnet has been claimed, from here we must now configure the subnet

Step 4:

Here you need to go to the networking tab on your VM manage page and select Manage on the new IPv6 subnet 

Step 5:

We need to add a new IPv6 from our subnet, we recommend using :2 as seen below, then press Add

Step 6:

We need to go back to to the main VM manage page and select Reconfigure Networking this will add the new IP inside the VM. You will see a popup to confirm this please press Yes


All done!

Any issues or queries please contact support


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