Thursday, October 1, 2015

[09/3/2015] DALSSDVZ3 has been rebooted after RAID card issues on this node. We've implemented a fix, and believe that the issue is now resolved. We'll closely monitor this server for any future issues. Please open a ticket if you have any questions.

[09/7/2015] The RAID card on DALSSDVZ3 appears to be failed. We're working to obtain a replacement card for this server.

[10/2/2015] Since the issue with the RAID card hasn't let up, and the replacement card hasn't yet arrived, we'll be moving all customers on DALSSDVZ3 to another node in the meantime. We'll inform clients when DALSSDVZ3 is back in production.

[10/4/2015] We're also experiencing similar issues with our DALSSDVZ2 server. Replacement parts have been ordered for both servers, and we're awaiting arrival.

[10/6/2015] Replacement parts have been installed in DALSSDVZ2, and we're monitoring for future issues. If future issues occur on this server, DALSSDVZ2 will be decommissioned and all clients will be moved to another node.

[10/7/2015] All clients on DALSSDVZ2 have been moved to DALSSDVZ4. We are monitoring both DALSSDVZ3 and DALSSDVZ4 for service instability. Clients will be moved back to DALSSDVZ2 after we have located the cause of node instability.

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